SHS Legends


Beth Ann Tucker running for UNA Cross Country


Since its founding in 1861, Springville High School has had a multitude of graduates. Many students came and left without a trace. However, some are remembered for years after their graduation. There may be students currently coming to mind: the girl who made you laugh everyday in fourth period. The star athlete who took the time to help you with your free throw freshman year. The brainiac who helped you with Mr. Stevenson’s geometry homework during tutoring hours. It could be something as big as helping someone navigate the chaotic four way or something as small as lending a desperate friend a quarter for the snack machine. Both can have a huge impact on a fellow Tiger’s day, month, or year.

Nobody observes the students more, though, than the teachers. So, in order to uncover some legendary graduates from the last five years I sent a mass email to all the faculty of SHS asking their opinions. I got answers from all across the board.

Mrs. Hill mentioned 2020 graduate Peyton Young and 2021 graduate Zach Posey. She claimed that both were the “the nicest, most polite and hard working” young men. She is “not surprised” that after graduation they both joined the military to do “the work of a hero in the real world.”

Another popular student was Jameia Raby, 2020 graduate, who was picked by Mrs. Kyser as an aid because of her ability to “always make people feel better” on a bad day.

On the academic side of things, Mrs. Box laughed remembering Jack Wyatt and Kaleb Powers and their “iconic rendition of Brutus and Cassius’ tent fight” from The Tragedy of Julius Cesar, which was “complete with hand holding and almost tears.”

The last answers I received were coaches speaking about their previous star players. Coach Watson acknowledged Beth Ann Tucker and Jake Harned. Watson claims that in his 29 years of coaching, he has never seen two more “goal-driven athletes.” He also mentioned how both continued their passion for running into college after their graduation in 2020. Both students also received straight As, making them legends on the track and in the classroom.

Coach Easterwood also wanted to brag on his most legendary athlete, Abby Swaney, 2019 graduate. She was a four-time state softball champion, four time ASWA 5A pitcher of the year, and runner up for Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Alabama. He claims he could go on describing all of Abby’s accomplishments.

I compiled answers depicting stories and achievements from students all across the board, students who were known for their personality, grades, humor, athletic ability, or a mix of multiple. Some carried their teams to championships and others offered warm smiles, illustrating that legendary status doesn’t just cover one section or clique of students. By being a hard worker and maintaining who you are, you, too, could be one of those students teachers reflect on and remember. You can be more than one of the small oval-shaped pictures on the wall. You, too, can be legendary.