Christmas Traditions


Springville has many Christmas traditions.  Some of the traditions we do here at Springville High School are the Christmas tree in the front of the school. Also the band has a Christmas concert that everyone loves.

The town of Springville also has the traditional Christmas parade. My family has gone every year since I was little. It is really fun because of all the people that get to participate in it: youth football players and cheer leaders, FFA, the band and many other people. The fun part is that the people that are in the parade get to throw out candy for the kids that aren’t in the parade.

The traditional Christmas tree that SHS puts in the front of the lobby of the building is another tradition for the holidays. Every day when we walk in we get to see this tree when its around the holidays. To me it shows happiness and that we are almost at the new year. The Christmas tree is another tradition I love that Springville does. These traditions show what makes Springville such a great town.