Tree Dressing Day


We all know December is a month full decorating, eating, giving, and so much more. One of the biggest things in December is Christmas. On Christmas it is an American tradition to decorate the Christmas tree. But did you know that the Christmas tree isn’t the only tree that gets decorated in December?

December 4th is known as Tree Dressing Day. No, we aren’t talking about putting up beautiful ornaments on a big tree by the fire place. You go outside, find a tree and decorate it. You can paint it, wrap it, put funny designs on it, and many other things. This day might sound weird or silly, but the meaning behind it is very eye opening.

Tree Dressing is a way of showing love to the trees. It shows appreciation and encourages others to value trees. Tree Dressing started in England in 1990. This special day is meant to inform and remind others of how important trees are and what they have done for us since the beginning of time. Trees are part of the main reason there is life on earth. They provide oxygen, shelter, and even beauty.

Not only are trees a need for life existence, they are also very beautiful in the way they present themselves. Their leaves, the color of the bark, and the shape of the tree itself are beautiful things that deserve to be admired. You could show appreciation to trees by planting more trees in your town or decorating trees to make them more appealing and showing love for our tall, branchy friends. What will you do for this national day?