SHS Chess Club

Laney, Reporter

Springville High School has recently decided to create a new club for the students of SHS. This club, which will be sponsored by Ms. Hicks, is the Chess Club. Chess Club has become popular in many schools across the country, and SHS is excited to join in! Many students have chosen to join the club in hopes of competing in tournaments with other school chess clubs, while others choose to join simply for the joy of playing the game with their peers. Within the club, players plan to learn new strategies and skills to put into practice. The club plans to meet some days during fifth period for games among each other. We are excited to see this new club take off and hope it is a successful new edition to the high school.

Chess was originally created in India, around the 8th century. Its original name was “Chaturanga.” For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it is a two-player board game where each player’s goal is to “checkmate,” meaning to capture the king piece in a way in which he cannot escape the opponent’s king, using only the pieces on the board. These pieces include two rooks, bishops, and knights, eight pawns, and one king and queen. The popular intellectual game has been played for over fourteen hundred years! This goes to show just how admired and timeless this classic game is. We hope to see the best for the new Chess Club here at Springville High School.