The History of Springville


You get off Highway 59 on exit 154 after a long night drive and notice a small town. As you drive, you notice the downtown lights and families walking down the street exiting small-town shops and bantering. As you continue your drive, you see an abundance of restaurants choices. Sound familiar? This is just a brief description of our hometown Springville. But, have you ever wondered, how did Springville become Springville?

The town was discovered in 1880. It was first known as Big Springs, then changed to the name Pinkhill, but then finally settled with the name Springville. Springville’s name originated from the springs located at Big Springs Park. Springville has about 4,304 residents that call the town home, which is the most the town has experienced. There are many small shops, including Cloth on Main and Silver Linings, and restaurants such as La Cabanita and our very own McDonald’s. The lights across downtown and the friendly residents are just the many small things that make Springville, the beloved town it is.