It’s that time of year for the juniors at SHS, when it’s time to start thinking about where you want to go to college and how to get accepted there. A main factor in many colleges’ application process is the ACT: a standardized test that ranks your ability in math, reading, science, and English (along with an optional writing portion). This makes studying for the ACT, in order to get a higher score, an important practice in the lives of upperclassmen. In order to be prepared for the 4-hour-long test, many students take practice tests, go to ACT classes, or hire a tutor, all in the hope of gaining at least a single point on their score, which may sound measly, but that one point could be the deciding factor to whether they get into their dream school or not. Students also can take the ACT as many times as they want through signing up on the ACT website to get a designated date and school to take the test at. The fee is around $50 per test. Usually during the spring, juniors at SHS take the ACT instead of class one day. This gives everyone the opportunity to get their scores for college applications. Composite scores can range anywhere from 1-36 and are an average of the scores made on the individual sections of the test, meaning even if you aren’t that great at math, if you’re amazing at another section, your score with balance out accordingly.