Where should you take your date for Valentines


Having trouble trying to impress your date for Valentine’s Day? In this story, here are a few suggestions to solve this common problem. First up, you can always take your date to a simple diner or a picnic. It does not have to be all fancy, just enough to simply put a smile on their face. Another solution is to take them to the movies, and if you don’t want to go to a generic sit-in movie theater, you can stop by the Grand River Drive-In, located in Leeds. Most likely, these places may be over the top crowded, so make reservations before hand. If you are a slacker, like me, you can have a movie marathon at your house. This requires no reservations, and I can guarantee it will make your partner just as happy. So this Valentine’s Day, (or any other day,) try one of these ideas to impress your love.