Free Doughnuts and Coffee on February 16


Happy Valentine’s Day!

To help spread the love, First Priority will be serving free coffee and doughnuts in the library on Wednesday, February 16. You can come by as early as 7:15 and hangout or just grab some on the way to first period.

First Priority is a Christian organization that meets every Wednesday at 7:15 in the library. Some weeks they have guest speakers, other weeks worship, and even fun activities. The two constants are that God and doughnuts are always involved, (0ne a little more important than the other.) Humans gotta eat! But in all seriousness, this club is an amazing way to get rebooted in the middle of the week. By Wednesday, Sunday feels like forever ago. First Priority reminds us of just that, our first priority! Anyone and everyone are welcome to come, even if you are just there to get out of the cold or hear crazy stories. This month’s theme is Reckless Love. It’s centered around how God recklessly loved us and how Christians are called to recklessly love others. On the 16th coffee and doughnuts will be handed out, and on the 23rd worship will be held. Go check it out!