What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?


There are many things you can do in the world that could give clues about what your personality is like. You can take personality tests online, or maybe you believe in astrology and study the characteristics of each sign, the rising sun, moon, etc. But did you know that your handwriting says a lot about who you are? Everyone’s handwriting is different. No matter how hard you try to mimic another’s signature, it will never truly be the same as the original.

Handwriting tells and exposes many things about who you are. There isn’t much, when truly reading in between the lines of your pencil work, your handwriting can’t reveal about you. It can hint things about your health, such as your blood pressure. It even hints at your mood such as anger, depression, joy, and so on. Handwriting may look the same to you, but your handwriting constantly changes whether you see it or not. It varies from the size you write your letters to how close or far away you space your words.


The sizing of your letters could reveal whether you are shy or an open book. The smaller your letters are, the more you are likely to be the kind of person who stays to themselves. If you write with larger letters, that could mean you are very outspoken and are very dependent on having a social life.


The amount of space you put between your words and sentences can tell you if you prefer to be close to others or enjoy having your space and independent life. The closer your words are, the more you are likely to prefer a large group of people or to be surrounded by those you love and care for. The farther apart your spacing is, the more likely you are to be or become independent.


Have you ever noticed when you write your penmanship is lighter or dark than your friends’? This is because the amount of pressure you put on your pen, pencil, or whatever you use. This quality hints at how committed or interested you are to something. If you write lightly, is shows that you have a more empathetic and sensitive side.

There are many other things that your handwriting can display about you and others. If you would like to know what your handwriting says about you, you can visit the first site below and get to know yourself a little more. The second site gives information about what your penmanship means and helps reveal more about you and your mood.


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