Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Umphrey Amanda


Oliwia Muszynska, Writer/ Reporter

Mrs. Amanda Umphrey has been working at Springville High School for 17 years.  Students know her as School librarian or key club sponsor. Mrs. Umphrey is also AP coordinator and school technology coordinator. She is currently working on her Instruction Leader certificate, that’s mean she is working to become a school administer. Her job isn’t that easy as people can think. She mentioned the hardest part is management with almost 800 hundred laptops from school and helping with everyone’s computer issues. Despite the challenges, she loves her job because the best part is spending time with all of students. Mrs. Umphrey enjoys helping them in and out of the classroom. That’s one of the reasons why she is a key club sponsor.  Mrs. Umphrey wanted to share some inspiring words with students, “Never stop reading, because you can be anything or travel anywhere you want in a book.” In her spare time, Mrs. Umphrey enjoys spending time with kids and family, watching Alabama football games, cooking and baking.