Trade School Feild trip


The ECTC trade school building

Ella Dyer, camera

The Eden Career Technical Center (ECTC) is a school that offers different programs for trade school and ways to better your education for careers later on in life. The ECTC field trip took place on January 24, 2023. The purpose was to give students a better understanding on how the trade school works. Trade school offers many different things like HVAC, nursing, veterinarian programs, farming and much more. Students are able to take these courses in high school for college credit. Many SHS students attended the field trip. Cade Beeson said, “We went on an interview, and they asked what I was planning to do with my choice and made sure I was not going to cause trouble.”  Then he also said, ” we went on a tour of the school.”   Lila Kate Williams also attended, and she said, “They told us where things were in the school, and they also interviewed us, and asked what we planned to do in life with the education.”  The students arrived back at the school around 11:20 and proceeded to the normal schedule. For students interested in education and getting a college credit the ECTC program is a great program to consider.