SHS Prom 2023


Mrs. Jeffers

Prom king and Queen Jackson Wildinger and Brooke walker

Candice McWhorter, Reporter

On March 18, 2023, Springville High School hosted their prom. Prom was held at the Trussville Civic Center starting at 7 pm and the theme of this year’s prom was “A Night in the Spotlight. “The teachers nominated a few students to be prom king and queen, the students voted for Jackson Wildinger as prom king and Brooke Walker as prom queen. We asked Jackson Wildinger how he thought about prom and how he felt about being awarded prom king and he said, “Prom was fun and getting Prom King was exciting.” Then we go on to ask him what he did with crown after prom and he said, “The crown is now in the Rizz of Fame Museum.” Prom was fun for many students, and many students enjoyed the food and the senior walk out, hopefully next years prom is just as fun!