D.E.A.R Wednesdays


This school year, Springville High School has implemented new practices of learning to get kids reading. One of these practices includes Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, Springville High School students drop everything and read for at least 15 minutes during their 5th period REACH class. We lost some face-to-face instruction due to the early dismissal of school in March of 2020 and the sporadic quarantines of last school year. This encouraged Mr. Moore to start D.E.A.R. He wants to bring consistency back into the walls of Springville High School. Mr. Moore hopes that with D.E.A.R. students will develop the love for reading and realize that reading is fundamental not just in elementary education, but in secondary education as well. Currently, Mr. Moore is reading Just Jones by Andy Andrews and Is My School a Better School Because I Lead It? by Baruti K. Kafele. If you do not have a book to read, then he highly recommends The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West.