The Homecoming Dance


Homecoming dance “proposal”


Homecoming is a week filled with crazy dress up days, competitive games, hallway decorating, and insane float building. But, probably the most stressful part of the hoco week is its kickoff: the dance. Girls stress over what they will wear; boys wait for their moms to pick something out for them. Questions fly. Stress bounces off the walls. “How will you do your hair? Where will we eat beforehand? Who’s driving? Should we get someone to take pictures?” and lastly, the most nerve-wracking question on everyone’s mind: “Who will I go with?”

Boys, while most of them don’t worry as much about what they will wear, do carry the responsibility of asking, performing the “proposal” if you will. Some girls might prefer a big show, a decorative sign. Whereas others are fine with a guy asking in between classes or “popping the question” during lunch. You’ve got to know your potential date, and with the dance on September 18th the clock is ticking. Girls, if you’re stressed that a guy hasn’t asked you yet, don’t worry. You can always take the non-traditional route and ask the guy you would like to go with. It’s 2021 for crying out loud. Or you could show up stag there’s zero shame in that. Plus, you’d probably endure a lot less stress; and, while at the dance, you wouldn’t feel attached to one single person. There are pros and cons to both situations, I guess. 

Overall, make sure you don’t let the stress get to you too much. This dance is for fun, and its events won’t matter in a few years. Especially since we were unable to have a dance last year, we’ve got to make this hoco dance the best one yet