SHS Student Spotlight


Sara B.

We have many interesting students at our school. I interviewed Mateo, a current junior. Mateo and his twin brother, Tomas, are from Colombia. His favorite thing about Springville is that everyone is “more open” and friendly with each other. His least favorite thing about Springville, and the United States in general, is that the law is stricter. Mateo shared that something, such as alcohol, is strictly regulated. In Colombia, he said someone can start drinking at as young as fourteen or fifteen.

His favorite “American cuisine” is a hamburger. He also really enjoys pepperoni pizza. At school, his favorite subject is math, specifically algebra. This soccer season, he plans to try out for the boys soccer team in hopes of playing a wing or striker.

Seeing Mateo’s insight on our everyday life is very interesting. If you see Mateo, or his twin bother Tomas, make sure to say hello!