Weird Phobias


When thinking of phobias, you probably think of the fear of spiders or snakes, but that is not all that phobias are. This week I decided to write my story about the top three weird unbelievable phobias that I could find.

Starting off in our ranking at number three is Phobophobia. This is described as the fear of fear. The people that have this phobia are hyperaware of everything going on around them. Most of the people with these phobias have extreme anxiety and can never get past it.

Coming in at number two is Nomophobia. This is the fear of being without your phone. People with this phobia get anxious or nervous at even the thought of losing their phones, and when they actually lose their phones, these people tend to have anxiety attacks. I know most people can relate to this one.

And now the final phobia coming in at number one is *drumroll* Pogonophobia. This phobia is the unwarranted fear of beards. This fear usually stems from childhood or some other type of trauma that was involving a bearded man. It is believed that most men with beards are to be dishonest.

After reading about all of these phobias I’ve come to the realization that I’m actually normal. Comment below with your weird phobia.