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Five Fool Proof Ways to Distract Yourself After Taking Your AP Exams

Five Fool Proof Ways to Distract Yourself After Taking Your AP Exams

Libby April 19, 2022

As we approach AP exam season many students across the nation are completely stressed out. But I would like to argue that the first few weeks after you take an exam are the most frustrating. Though they...

Arguing Through the Years

Arguing Through the Years

Libby March 18, 2022

In America we are bored. The long isles of the supermarket, the stuffed shelves of libraries, the multitude of mall stores, and the absolutely endless feed of social medias are just simply not enough....

The Annual Junior Mock Interviews

Libby February 15, 2022

If you were at school on February 10th you probably noticed how incredibly spiffy the entire junior class looked. This was due to the annual mock interviews. Every year every enrolled junior is required...

Dr. Moore encouraging spirit at a pep rally.

Our Schools Need ‘Moore’

Libby January 7, 2022

The snow had melted, and the Christmas decorations had been put away, but the thick haze of winter break still hung heavy over the students who dragged their way through the doors and past the now-treeless...

Abbie Talton during this years Springville vs Moody game

Making Goals, Shooting Baskets

Libby December 13, 2021

  The jersey is dark blue, the kind that shines perfectly against humming old gym lights and momma’s camera flash. The blue blur zooms by the outskirts of the dingy gym where daddies holler...

Shannon Slaughter

The Slaughter House

Libby November 5, 2021

Beams of sunlight dance, finding ways to shine through the splotchy October fog covering the windows of the second-floor classroom. But none of the students pay any mind. Their eyes are fixed on what...

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