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Borinqueneers Day

William April 13, 2022

Some of you may read the title of this story and think, what does this word mean? The 65th Army regiment was nicknamed this after the Taíno name for Puerto Rico, “Borinquen,” meaning “land of the...


Will February 9, 2022

As most normal people in the world know, pizza is one of the best things ever created because of mankind and our gloriously complex minds. It is so good that there is a day dedicated to pizza which is...

National Kiss a Ginger Day😘

Will January 20, 2022

As some of you may not know, January 12th was the most special day of the year. It was none other than the holiday of "Kiss a Ginger Day." Now, I must tell you, never kiss anyone without permission....

Top Instagram Pages to Follow Right Now

Will September 8, 2021

There are roughly 1 billion Instagram pages out there right now, and it's still growing. Sometimes it may be hard to find the best ones to follow because of account advertising or not uploading often....

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