Dollar Tree Halloween



We all love Halloween but the decorations can get expensive. Well, now you can go to Dollar Tree and buy decorations for only a dollar. Here are five things that you can get:

Pumpkin Carving Set

Carving pumpkins is a great activity to do to celebrate the season, but most of the time they are sold out at Walmart. Now you can buy those and stick-in faces at the Dollar Tree.

LED Pumpkin Lights

They also have a string of pumpkin lights. They are LED, three feet long ,and have ten pumpkins on them.


They also have plastic skeletons that you can hang anywhere. They are small enough that they can be hung in in your car or your locker.

Window Decorations

These jelly-like window decorations are perfect to hang on windows or any flat surface. I bought some and everyone loved them.

Everyone loves candy! Why not get it for a dollar?