Unique Fall Traditions of SHS Students and Teachers

Laney, Reporter

Does Your family have any unique fall traditions? Here at SHS, we have many students with creative seasonal traditions. First, I talked to Anna Caroline Nelson, a sophomore at SHS, who said, “My family’s tradition is going hiking each fall to see the leaves changing colors.” She also shared, “My favorite place to hike is Little River Canyon.”

While some students look forward to the outdoor activities that come with fall like Anna Caroline, some look forward to the simpler traditions. Kinsley Tate, another sophomore at SHS, said, “I like to start listening to
Christmas music in the fall.” She also claimed, “My favorite Christmas song is “This Christmas” by Chris Brown.”

Next, I asked Mrs. Morrison, a teacher here at SHS, what her special fall tradition is, and she said, “Each fall, me and my family take a trip to Delta, Alabama.” She also shared, “My favorite thing about the trip is the crisp fall air and the changing colors of the leaves.”

Speaking of the wonderful smells of fall, what better way to welcome the season than lighting a fall scented candle? Alyssa Bingham, a freshman at SHS, said, “My family’s fall tradition is going out and buying all new fall-scented candles for our house.”

Hearing Alyssa’s family’s fall tradition brings up a new question: Which fall scented candle is truly the best? I decided to ask 50 SHS students and teachers their opinion of the best fall scent. I gave these students and teachers the options of Apple Cider, White Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, Fall Leaves, and Caramel Apple. Tying for last place, each receiving 6% of the votes, were Fall Leaves and Caramel Apple. Coming in third place and receiving 10% of the votes was White Pumpkin. Coming in second, 32% of the votes went to Pumpkin Spice. Finally, receiving nearly half the votes, 46% of the students and teachers asked voted for Apple Cider. According to the majority of our SHS voters, Apple Cider scented candles are the best choice for fall. Make sure to purchase a fall scented candle this season and start your own unique seasonal traditions!