What is No-Shave November, and Why is it a Thing?



As we enter the Month of November you may or may not have heard of a thing called No-Shave November. What’s that…what is no-shave November? Well it started back in 2009. No-Shave November began as a Facebook campaign to raise awareness and money for cancer research and charities. It was created by the Chicago-based Hill family after their father, Matthew Hill, died of colon cancer back in 2007. The idea is that men, even women, if they feel so inclined, don’t even bother picking up a razor to shave the whole month of November. While this is not required, it’s like a tradition for some, and many people partake every year. So, fellas, if you’re feeling bold this November, unplug your razors because you wont be needing them this month.