It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas



I love the Holidays. I love stuffing my face at Thanksgiving, warming up with hot chocolate, jamming to Christmas music, watching Hallmark movies (shocking endings every time) and exchanging gifts with friends and family. Shopping on Springville’s Main Street is one of my new favorites. It’s not even Thanksgiving, and the shops are decked out for Christmas, but I’m not complaining. I dragged my momma with me last Thursday to see what all the shops had to offer.

Nichols Nook 

Before I could start shopping, I had to wake up with some coffee. So, of course, Nichols Nook was the first place we went. My mom actually set a pick up order the night before so we could skip the line. I highly recommend this for high school students before school. We got there a little before our pickup and explored the store. As soon as we walked in, we heard holly jolly music. The shop is decorated so cute that it could be in a hallmark movie. There are puzzles left out on tables to solved, candy bowls for all the sweet-toothed people, and really, really comfy chairs. They have Christmas decorations and ornaments for sale. I could not help but fall in love with a fuzzy reindeer. They also have books, puzzles, candles, and other fun knick knacks. My favorite thing they sell is definitely the coffee. But if you are like my mom who got hot chocolate, they have stuff for non-coffee drinkers too. Right now their holiday specials are Pumpkin Spice Latte ( 1000/10), Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte, an hot apple cider. Fueled and ready to go, we left and headed for our second destination.

Ole Post Office

It maybe took us a minute to cross the street, go inside, and let the Christmas music resume. The Ole Post Office has a wide variety of stuff for a wide variety of people. As soon as we walked in I checked out the little rack of clothes. They have super comfy sweaters and sweatshirts. Mom, on on the other hand, headed straight for the Christmas tree. On the tree were Springville zip code ornaments. My mom buys me and my sister a new ornaments every Christmas. These were the ones she fell in love with this year.  The store also has a section for men—great gifts for dads, brothers and grandpas. In the back they have a the good smelling Tyler Company products. What mom or grandmom doesn’t want a candle? One of their best treasures is their Carolina’s Kettle chips. I am putting some of those on my Christmas list. Santa, if you are reading, take note. And ladies, right before you check out, don’t miss the cute earrings to the left of the register. The Ole Post Office also offers a discount to veterans and teachers. After buying more than we needed but all that we wanted, we went next store, our third destination.

Cloth on Main

Don’t worry they had Christmas music, too. I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but we all do even if we won’t admit it. I love all the other shops, but I will admit Cloth on Main is my favorite. They have two main things: home décor and clothes/accessories. Considering I don’t own a house, I come for the latter. They have comfy boutique shirts without the scary price tag. They also always carry cute stickers that you can put on your car, laptop, or water bottle. I grabbed a few for little Christmas presents for friends. If you are felling festive, Cloth on Main also has CHRISTMAS EARRINGS! They have Christmas trees, coffee, and gingerbread (snatched me some).  While all the other stores sell items gift worthy, Cloth on Main was the only one with a section for dog gifts. Leaving with another full shopping bag, my momma and I headed toward our last destination.

Silver Linings

Silver Linings is a sweet little boutique. We only stopped by shortly so my last inch of closet space and wallet would not disappear. They are stocked up for sweater weather and have nice tops for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you want to be ahead of the game, I think I even saw a few dresses worthy of New Year’s Eve.

I love our little town of Springville. Shopping was so much fun, not because of the stuff I was getting, but because of who I was getting to spend it with. The holiday seasons can be shaped around giving and getting. Nothing wrong with those two. But the most important thing is being able to celebrate it with the people we love.