Christmas Tree Cakes🎄



We all know Mrs. Mahaffey, but if you don’t, she loves the Christmas Tree Cakes by Little Debbie. I went and asked her a few questions about her “long time obsession.” Mrs. Mahaffey says the original Christmas Tree Cakes are the best. She doesn’t like the red velvet or the chocolate cakes. The extra big ones are also a no for Mrs. Mahaffey as well, but she does enjoy the Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream you can find at Walmart. I even asked her a few questions about her love for the cakes. I asked, “How many boxes a month?” to which she replied, “I cant find any so far this year, but last year we had 10 boxes in one month.”

I also asked, “How many did/do you eat per day?” She told me she only eats one a day and no more.

“What’s your favorite drink to sip with them?” Her reply: “I usually drink them with Coke, but I stopped drinking Coke.”

For the final question I asked, “Do you have anything else to add on the topic of the dessert?” Her reply was no surprise at all. She said Christmas Tree Cakes are “the BEST Little Debbies of all time.”

Personally, I don’t like the cakes, so I asked other students and teachers at SHS if they liked or didn’t like the dessert. I got 90 total votes on the dessert and 83.33% said yes, they like the cakes and 16.67% said they didn’t like them.

In conclusion if you’re ever looking for a good present for Mrs. Mahaffey, just bring her a Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake.