Oh Christmas Tree



“Oh Christmas, Oh Christmas tree,

how lovely is your trash”

Coach House assigned his two environmental science classes, regular and AP, a Christmas project: make a decorated Christmas tree out of trash. Not only was it a project but a competition. The hardest part of the competition was getting the class to work together to make a tree. APES used old shiplap and a PVC pipeTheirs is 3-D with a rustic redneck look.

Regular Environmental did something similar except they just used old wood. Even though theirs is just 2-D it is festive and cute.

Each student was required to make an ornament for a grade. Old cans, toilet paper rolls, lightbulbs and even shredded homework was used. Coach House wanted it to look like a real tree, even down to the little details of a tree skirt, star, and garland. For a skirt, APES used left over fabric from Mrs. Weston’s room and regular used crumbled brown paper. APES claims a carburetor as their star saying it is symbolic. Regular made the cutest little angel out of a toilet paper roll. Regular reused old gold garland and AP made their own. AP’s garland was made out of energy cans brought by three guys with less than a day’s notice, over 20 cans. Both the trees turned out great but very different. Coach House has yet to determine a winner. Who do you think won?

Who has the better tree?


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