Christmas in Germany



Many countries celebrate Christmas differently than we do here in the states. Germany is one of them. The advent calendar is a huge deal for children in Germany. Every day for four weeks before Christmas, a small window is opened to reveal a small gift or story. They flood German shops and many parents prefer to build them themselves. Stollen is a traditional German Christmas cake, and it seems delicious. It’s made with flour and fruits and is sprinkled with powdered sugar and sometimes zest is added to it. It’s so good, the Dresden Natives celebrate it through a festival that happens around Christmas time. The biggest tradition that Germany has is Krampus. Legend has it, Krampus is Santa’sidekick who scares all the children who have misbehaved. In Southern Bavaria, men dress up in terrifying Krampus costumes and patrol the streets during St. Nicholas Night and are sometimes invited into homes to scare bad children. Those are a few traditions that Germany has.