Christmas Decorations

Alyssa B., Anchor

As Christmas approaches, many people are getting into the Christmas spirit. The sudden burst of holiday cheer causes a great deal of decoration buying. Many people worldwide decorate their houses with lights, trees, garlands, and other fun Christmas-related items. One main image that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas decorating, is putting lights on the house. There are a variety of lights you can put up to decorate and add a bit of pop to almost anything. There are net lights, icicle lights, or even just string lights which can light up to be white or colorful. As well as lights for the exterior of your house, you can also purchase other outdoor decorations. These include light up reindeer, wreaths, wire snowmen, wire penguins, gnomes, inflatables, and other endless possibilities. Going along with outdoor décor, there is also indoor decorations that are cute and useful. Many people put up a tree for presents to go under, a stocking to get filled on Christmas and candles to fill the room with amazing themed scents. A nativity scene representing the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, sheep, and angels can furthermore add to the décor along with remembering and respecting the values of Christmas. Whether you decide to decorate this year or not, maybe the decorations listed can help you pick out your favorites to display on this beloved holiday.