Slayer’s Show No Mercy


On December 3rd, 1983, Slayer released their debut album, Show No Mercy.  This debut album came out during the early scenes of thrash metal and could even be considered the peak of the genre.  This record embodies thrash perfectly with high pitched vocals, fast, speedy riffs, and immaculate guitar solos.  I, along with many others, consider this not only as the best Slayer record, but as one of the best thrash metal records to ever be released.

Slayer was formed in Huntington Park, California.  Many of the bands to come out of the thrash scene are from California as well.  The debut album came out two years after the band formed back in 1981.  The line up for Show No Mercy consisted of Tom Araya on bass and vocals, Dave Lombardo on drums, and Kerry King along with Jeff Hanneman on guitars.  The album came out five months after Metallica’s debut, Kill ‘Em All.  Slayer arrived on the thrash scene early and they didn’t disappoint.

After hearing the band cover Iron Maiden’s Phantom of the Opera, Brian Slagel signed the band to Metal Blade records.  In November of 1983, the band would begin to record the album.  “Die by the Sword,” “Black Magic,” and “Tormentor” were already recorded before the album.  Thus, the rest was recorded in an LA Track Studio and it only took one week.  The record measures out at ten songs and only lasts thirty-five minutes.  The band was influenced by heavy metal and punk bands; therefore, the two genres met on this record.  With loud drums, screaming guitars, and evil, satanic lyrics, the album became one of the best selling records for Metal Blade.  The album has been rereleased since 1983 and still remains a thrash metal classic.  Show No Mercy established Slayer as a dominant force in thrash and is an accolade to their greatness over the years.  After this album the world would discover the sound of Slayer and wait anxiously for their many good albums to come.


Track List:

Evil Has No Boundaries

The Antichrist

Die by the Sword

Fight Till Death

Metal Storm/ Face the Slayer

Black Magic


The Final Command


Show No Mercy