Let It Go gets beat by We Don’t Talk about Bruno



On November 24, Encanto came out. The movie is about a family that lives in a house blessed with a miracle. The movie features many great songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,”  “The Family Madrigal,” and “Waiting on a Miracle.” We Don’t Talk About Bruno” quickly gained attention. With 29 million streams so far, it started climbing up the charts. There are also, to this day, 8,000 downloads. When “Let it Go” came out in 2014, it reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 list, making it the one of the highest charted Disney songs to make Billboard Hot 100.  Until “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” It has reached number four on Billboard Hot 100, making it the biggest Disney song to make top 100 yet. The only bigger song was “A Whole New World,” which hit number one in 1993.  Elton John’s “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” also reached number four in 1994. If “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” continues to get the amount of hype it has been, it will surely become one of Disney’s most popular songs.