The Annual Junior Mock Interviews


If you were at school on February 10th you probably noticed how incredibly spiffy the entire junior class looked. This was due to the annual mock interviews. Every year every enrolled junior is required to participate in a mock interview. Respected people from local communities volunteer to perform the role of the boss or college admissions representative, conducting questionings that will prepare the students for their future aspirations, whichever path they may take.

While the volunteers show up the day of and ask questions on the fly, the junior class spends days in English class formulating the perfect resume.  They must include their clubs, extra curriculars, jobs, honors, awards, and have at least three references that, in a real interview, could be contacted to gather more information on the applicant. While this process is exhaustive to most juniors who feel they are years away from their future, many seniors attest that having a premade resume made college and scholarship applications much simpler.

As hinted to before, the juniors were also required to dress in professional attire. This included khakis and suits for boys and formal dresses and pantsuits with closed-toed shoes for girls. For some, these things did not exist in their wardrobe, so they had to trudge out to the store and buy something new. But now having these clothes on hand will, again, make any future real interview much less stressful.

Not only did the juniors gain information and confidence from their interviews, but through the work they were required to do, they learned the value of preparation. While some may have only tried to do their best to receive an adequate English grade, these lessons were still learned and experienced even if the students don’t yet realize. The schools and faculty have done their part in preparing the students for their future, but it’s ultimately up to the students to apply their knowledge. So juniors, take what you’ve been given, appreciate it, and trust that it will better prepare you for your aspirations.