Singles Awareness Day- February 15th


Alyssa Speaksman on the Right, Leanna Birdwell on the Left.

   January 14th as we all know is Valentines Day. It’s a day where those who have a significant other celebrate and express their love for one another. However, those who are single are left out and don’t get to celebrate this day with a significant other. Well, good news for you, February 15th is known as Singles Awareness Day. What is this day for? It is to celebrate yourself and your friends. Being single does not mean you can’t enjoy being single. This day is meant for you to spoil yourself or a friend. You can do this by going out to the spa and getting your nails done. Another thing you can do is buy your best friend something, maybe a box of chocolates or a ticket to a concert. If you are on a budget you can invite your best friend over to watch a movie and maybe eat those snacks you forgot you had in the cabinets.

Now, some may think to themselves, “What if I don’t have many friends? Or what if my friends aren’t able to come over?” That is okay. You can always celebrate with your family. Singles Awareness Day doesn’t mean that you have to celebrate with someone who is single. It can be a day that you and someone that has made an impact in your life just hang out. So don’t let February 14th drag you down; there is no reason to feel left out. Go out and Celebrate today. It is okay to have independence and treat yourself the way you deserve. Happy Singles Awareness Day, y’all!