Prom Prep



It’s prom season! That means all the thrilling events that are associated with prom. Prom is an exciting event that you celebrate with your friends or a special someone. Some would say the build up to prom is the best part.

First, you plan. The planning stage includes getting a date, buying the tickets, and organizing the night.

Then you have to go through the scheduling stage. This stage involves getting hair appointments, nail appointments, and shopping with your favorite people.

Next comes the morning of prom. Prom morning consists of getting ready with your friends, meeting up with your date, and taking lots of pictures.

After all that, the big moment has arrived. Prom night consist of lots of dancing, eating, and hanging out.

Prom is a great opportunity for people to make some great memories in their last years of high school. This year’s prom is March 19th and is being held at Trussville Civic Center. The theme is Fairytale Masquerade. Everyone going to prom this year, be sure to have lots of fun and be safe on this special night!