2022 Queen of Hearts Pageant


On February 28th, Springville hosted the 2022 Queen of Heart’s pageant. Each category consisted of the Queen of Hearts, First Runner-up, Second Runner-up, Most photogenic, and congeniality. There were five different groupings. Today, I got to speak to Teen Queen of Hearts, Eden Stinson. Let’s see what she had to say:


S: How did it feel to win the pageant?  

E: It felt amazing, I guess.  

S: What inspired you to do the pageant?  

E: Well, I wanted to do the pageant because I love to wear a pretty dress and get my hair and makeup done and really wanted a crown  

S: Ok last one, what do you have to tell the future Queen of Hearts?  

E: Just be yourself and learn from your experience!  


And there you have it, from our 2022 Teen Queen of Hearts, Eden Stinson!