8th Period Kitchen #2


Mrs. Weston

Kitchen #2 sporting their favorite bands


Here at Springville High we have the elective Food and Nutrition.  In this class students learn the importance of nutrition and what it does to the human body, and they cook food.  Students also take part in cooking competitions, such as a grilled cheese contest, cupcake wars, and even a food truck competition.  This class is both taught and made very fun by the amazing Mrs. Weston.  She does a very good job of keeping the class fun and something to look forward to.  There are two period for this class, 7th and 8th.  In these periods groups of students gather together and form a kitchen.  There are up to five kitchens in each class, but one kitchen in particular stands out among the rest.

8th Period Kitchen #2

Kitchen #2 in the 8th period food and nutrition class stands out as the greatest kitchen to ever be established in the program.  Consisting of Molly Amick, Ty Davidson, Madelyn Jackson, Mallory Knowles, Cadence Sweatt, and me, Brody Watkins, this kitchen is renowned for our world class culinary skills.  Throughout our time in the class, the culinary wizard Mrs. Weston has taught us the most ancient and sacred of cooking skills.  We have trained and practiced every day to master and perfect these skills which we use to pour into our craft.  Recently, I have transferred over to Kitchen #2 from Kitchen #1; therefore, my name can not be tied with the previous accomplishments of Kitchen #2.  Alas!  Everything accomplished after the date March 14 will have the traces of my effort to better the kitchen.  Even though I have just adopted this new kitchen, I still have learned and studied the ways of the sacred texts which Mrs. Weston has provided.  With that being said, the next test of our strength is the Annual Food Truck Competition, which we will win triumphantly.