Local Scholarships



There are a plethora of local scholarships available to graduating seniors here at SHS, and it can be difficult to wade through the requirements, criteria, and due dates for each. To simplify matters, this article will include a list of a few local scholarship due this week and their requirements.

Due April 14:

  • The Winslett Scholarship

All this scholarship requires is some personal background, college/career plans, reason to apply, and a resumé.

  • the AP scholarship

This scholarship is for a student who has taken/ is taking 3 total AP classes. All that is needed is a 400+ word essay on AP’s impact on your high school career and a resumé.

  • SES Teacher scholarship

This scholarship is for a senior who attended SES for at least 3 years. All this scholarship needs is personal info, honors/achievements, and future plans.

  • SHS Teacher Scholarship

This scholarship is open to any senior and requires personal info, academic awards and honors, athletic achievements, extracurricular participation, community participation, and future plans.

Due April 15:

  • Legacy of Leadership scholarship

This scholarship is open to all seniors and requires a completed application (found at the link below), two letters of recommendation, and a typed essay.

  • Sam Butler Memorial scholarship

This scholarship is open for any senior in need and requires a photo, college plans, career plans and goals, the main reason for applying to this scholarship, and what it would mean if you were chosen as the recipient.

Make sure to look for a scholarship, or multiple scholarships, that fit your needs and personal achievements, and apply today. All scholarships can be found here, as well as more information on the ones listed above. Happy applying!