Five Fool Proof Ways to Distract Yourself After Taking Your AP Exams



As we approach AP exam season many students across the nation are completely stressed out. But I would like to argue that the first few weeks after you take an exam are the most frustrating. Though they are not supposed to, AP students talk about the tests and their various questions. It is through this conversation that you may begin to second guess your interpretations and responses. The panic sets in. The obsessive compulsion to check every possible score results on popular websites like and other AP calculators. The agonizing months of waiting force the obsession to grow. It would be easy to waste your summer away, so today I present five ways to distract yourself from the impending score result email.

  1. Sew an entire outfit from scratch

I know what you’re thinking: “But, Libby, that’s so much work.” Exactly! The act of sewing an entire outfit from scratch, including socks and shoes, will undeniably be incredibly aggravating. But that is what makes it so perfect! All your energy will be in creating the perfect fit, so you won’t even spare a thought for your exam scores. And, total bonus, when you’re done you will have a custom spiffy outfit to take out on the town. You can brag about your scores and your clothes when you are done. Hopefully. Sewing is hard. And so are AP exams. But we’re not thinking about that.

2. Go sky diving

If you’re like me, falling from a massive height does not sound overly appealing. Here, the fear factor is what makes it the perfect tool for distraction. AP exams are scary, so you must engage in a larger adrenaline rush in order to remove the stress of the exam. Now, you may be questioning my methods, claiming there’s no way this would have a lasting impact because it would only remove the stress for the minutes you are in the sky. And, honestly, you would be correct. But, sky diving is expensive, so while you may only be physically feeling the fear for a moment, your now-empty wallet will have you mentally feeling the fear for the rest of the summer. It’s a total win-win.

3. Go camping

Now, this one seems a little more tame that the last two, but the trick is to go camping where there is absolutely no cell service. Having no access to your phone means you can’t obsessively check AP Classroom and email your AP teacher a million afterthought questions and concerns. Go full Thoreau and embrace nature, hug a tree, sit on a log, start a controlled and safe fire. Release yourself from the bondage of this modern world; just maybe make sure you’re back mid-July if you would actually like to see your scores when they come out. But, who knows? You might find yourself and turn into one of those Alaskan Bush people who live off the land and have no need for modern social construct. If that happens you may have “natured” too hard, and I will not be held responsible.

4. Run a half marathon (Or a full one depending on how many exams you took)

The key here is to sign up for a race around mid-July. That way you’ll spend your entire summer training instead of worrying. Then, when your scores come, so will your race, and you’ll achieve two things at once. Unless you totally fail at your race or don’t make a qualifying score. But, hey, that is totally not what we’re gonna think about. You have to focus on your training, not any potential outcomes. The training for the race will also teach you that it is the journey that’s important, similar to how the journey of taking the AP class and learning is more valuable than any score. Right? Anyway.

5. Start binge watching a new show

We all can admit to a time in our lives where we were completely immersed in a TV show. In fact, there is probably one you can think of right now that you are totally obsessed with. So just drive all your stressful energy into worrying about what might happen to your favorite characters. There are a lot of new seasons set to release in the late spring and summer including Stranger Things season 4, Obi Wan Kenobi, The Umbrella Academy season 3, and Never Have I Ever season 3. There is truly something for everyone. The only down side here is that in an attempt to avoid wasting away your summer in AP stress, you may waste your summer away on the couch watching Netflix.

Hopefully some of these hacks help you live your summer to the fullest. When scores do come out, don’t let them define you, just keep on living. However, if you’re finding it hard to because of a bad score, refer back to this list. I am sure you’ll find something to keep your mind off of it.