Preparing for Next Year



It’s the end of the school year, the time of year when almost everyone gets to pick out their classes for the next year.  Depending on what grade you are in, you can have several options for your schedule with electives and all the different AP classes SHS has to offer. Sometimes when you’re underclassmen, however, you might have fewer options and be set with mandatory classes like Driver’s Ed and Heath. But one of the advantages of getting older is you are given more options and the first pick of electives of your choice. There is everything from Agriculture to Art in electives and core classes like AP Physics to Anatomy. But don’t fret if you’re younger; there’s always a chance for a spot left in the elective or class you want, and even if you don’t get it sometimes it works out for the best. For all students, make sure to get your requests in by the set time so the schedules can be made to fit everyone and be ready for the upcoming year!