We’re coming up on the end of the year which means it’s time to be thinking of your classes for next year. While schedule making, you can’t just think of the core subjects. At SHS we have a variety of electives, something for everyone. There’s everything from art to sociology. It’s hard to make a choice with so many great option, so let me make a few suggestions.

One of the most popular and creative electives is art. If you love art and people this is the class for you. In art you learn about multiple techniques and different ways to approach art. And, great news, if you loved the class you can take the AP art class.

If you love watching the entertaining The Jungle broadcasts and reading the informative The Roar newspaper stories, then you should try journalism. In journalism every student has to write one newspaper story a month and everyone has a job for the broadcast they must complete. There are multiple jobs like reporter, anchor, sound, and many more. There are two classes, and they alternate each week on which class is doing the broadcast for that week. If you can’t get enough of the class you can take it again another year with Journalism 2.

Another option is FACS. In FACS you learn great life skills you will carry with you forever. You learn how to sew, take care of babies, and cook. Food and nutrition is a similar option that focuses on food.

All of these are very hands on and you learn great lessons. Electives give students the time to express themselves in unique ways. There are still responsibilities with electives so if you can, make sure to pick an elective that you are interested in!