The Truth About Ms. Whiteside


Oliwia Patrycja Muszynska

Ms. Whiteside in her office at Springville High School.

Oliwia Patrycja Muszynska, Writer/ Reporter

On the list of school workers and teachers in Springville High School at the beginning of this new school year, we can find Ms. Whiteside. She is new the School Counselor.  Her work consists of helping students to prepare for good colleges, academics, and jobs. Ms. Whiteside also takes care of exchange students from five different countries. It is a new challenge for her; she prepares appropriate schedule for students, makes them feel welcome, and adjusts in school. Ms. Whiteside knows it is hard, but she likes the challenge especially when it comes to the good and help of others. Her greatest job satisfaction is the happiness of her students. She feels needed when students come to talk with her about various topics that always are confidential.  Advice from Ms. Whiteside, “Remember try to put other people before yourself, always think about this what other people need.” If you are a student of Springville High School, you can feel free and come to Ms. Whiteside to talk about things which are you worried or if you have a hard time.