Springville Student Wants New Bus


Landon Crotts

The average school bus at Springville High School.

Landon Crotts, Writer/Camera

In October of 2021, Landon Crotts was shocked when he boarded his school bus at Springville High School. He and other high schoolers boarded this bus, and they were not very happy with the seating situation. The bus was overcrowded, so the driver needed to give assign seats to make sure everyone had a spot. There are two or three students to every seat on the bus.

Landon and the students boarded the bus to get an easy ride home, but they did not expect this to happen. Landon decided that he wanted this to change for the better of the high school students. “I want to have more space for everyone on the bus, and I think that having another bus would solve the problem,” stated Landon. Landon also said, “Other than the downside of costs, the bus will help us in many ways.” Even though it may be a difficult process to get a new bus, there will always be the encouragement from others.