Pep Rally on 09/08/22


Natalie Ball

Candice McWhorter dressed as a nerd for the pep rally.

Natalie Ball, Reporter

On September 8th, 2022, Springville High School had a pep rally for the varsity football game on that day. The pep rally was exciting and everyone had so much fun. Springville student have a tradition of dressing up on pep rally days. On Thursday, they dressed as nerds.  Springville always has a competition to see who has the best spirt. Last week the seniors won, and coach Easterwood said, “I wish the sophomores won the pep rally. I think they did the best.” This time the Freshmen won the spirit contest. By the end of the pep rally, the school was pumped for the game and ready to take on the rest of the dat at school.