Tiger Pride And The Tiger Code In SHS


Mrs. Estes with the Tiger Code Belt

Aiden Elijah Black

“Tiger Pride” is something many at SHS consider our motto. Many students live and study by the Tiger Code. It stands for Seeking Truth, With Integrity, Live Generously, Give Encouragement, Show Respect. At SHS, students have the opportunity to show their dedication to the Tiger Code and receive the Tiger Code Belt. Dr. Moore started giving the belt to students who demonstrate the Tiger Code in August 2022. Many students have received the belt including Logan Andrews! Logan has one thing to say about it, “It’s awesome but very uncomfortable.” The belt gives students a proper chance to show their Tiger Pride and their dedication to the Tiger Code. The person that carries the belt as of 09/09/2022 is Mrs. Estes. She says that she was nominated  by students. These students decided to email Mr. Moore and nominate Mrs. Estes. She says, “I got the belt via nomination of anonymous students. I was so honored to carry the belt and show my Tiger Pride!” The Tiger Pride and Code are a huge part of learning at SHS and the Tiger Pride Belt accentuates this!