Springville vs. Southside


Adi Collier

The Tigers & the Panthers in the first quarter.

Adi Collier, Writer/Sound

Thursday night, September 8, The Springville Tigers fought the Southside Panthers at Springville High School. Starting out the game, Southside won the coin toss. Our team began playing offense, and within the first quarter, we had recovered a fumble from Southside and scored a touchdown. During the second and third quarter, Springville¬† scored two touchdowns and extra points (PAT). By the end of the third quarter, the Springville Tigers had 20 points up on the board as Southside had 28. As we went onto the fourth quarter, there was a flag thrown for a pass interference on Southside which gave us a first down. The Tigers didn’t end up scoring during the fourth quarter, but fought all throughout this game against Southside. Unfortunately, Springville took the loss with a score of 20-42. Next week, we play the Alexandria Valley Cubs and we are looking for a win!