The 2022 Cheer Season


Lizzie Bryant

Springville high school cheerleading coach Ashley Morrison

Lizzie Bryant, Writer/Anchor

The 2022 cheerleading season began in July for Springville High School. The Springville cheerleaders took a lot of time out of their summers to come prepare for the upcoming season. After speaking with a few cheerleaders, it is apparent that they spend many hours to make students enjoy pep rallies, dress up days, and games fun. “We can’t wait for this cheer season!” said junior cheerleader Sara Kelly Land. The high school cheer coach, Mrs. Morrison, has gone on record to say, “This year’s team has exceeded my expectations in the way they put each other first. I am extremely excited about competition season! We have on competition under out belts, another in October, and then Regionals in November.” To say the least, the 2022 cheerleaders are ready for a great season!