Homecoming Dance


Toxey Voudrie

Students practicing their moves for the homecoming dance

Toxey Voudrie, Reporter

Students this week at Springville High school will start preparing for the Homecoming. The dance is this Saturday September 17th, 2022. Students at Springville High School are eagerly preparing for the dance.  Drake Digiacomo says he’s preparing for the dance, “I’ve been working on my dance moves at home and went to Belk and got the full Belk fit ready.” Another student Baylor Sandlin is preparing for the dance, “Personally, I don’t need to prepare. I’m already good. I know how to dance, and I already look good. Look good, feel good.” Another student Jamari Cash is preparing for the homecoming dance, “I went to Amazon; I’m trying to find me a suit and a bow tie to match somebody’s dress that I cant find because theses colors are awkward. I can not find the colors for it, and it’s kind of hard to find it last minute. I should have went shopping way sooner.”  another student Jake Conner is preparing for the homecoming dance, “I had already got most everything, I got my little black button up shirt, some black skinny jeans sparkly blazer, and got to find me some new shoes probably sliver shoes make sure they’re sparkly.”  Another student, Collin Lockhart, is preparing for the homecoming dance, “I’ve been doing more Tiktoks to get my dance moves right. Then, I went to the Leeds mall and got the outfit. Imma be lookin’ tuff.” Students are very excited for the homecoming dance this weekend.