UAB Hosts a Highschool Band Day


UAB Protective Stadium

Mya Ownbey, Director

The University of Alabama at Birmingham hosted a Band Day for high school students from all over Alabama on September 17th, 2022. Students drove from their home schools to the athletics fields in Birmingham. The Band Director, Gene Fambro, sectioned each group of instruments and auxiliary off to practice their music and routines, which were posted for the band to practice before that Saturday. After practice, the band was dismissed for a two hour break to allow auxiliary and band members to prepare for the upcoming halftime show. “We hope to see you back here for our game against Georgia Southern.” Gene expressed before the two hour break. Later, the band recuperated outside of the stadium for Chik-Fil-A, and headed straight to the stands to enjoy stands tunes and continue on to perform the half-time show. The show included songs from The Backstreet Boys and One Direction. After the performance, high-schoolers were allowed to leave and head home. UAB’s Highschool Band Day was an amazing learning experience, and let high-schoolers peek into the life of a college marching band member.