New teacher spotlight: Mr. Hornsby


Oliwia Patrycja Muszynska

Mr. Hornsby with the choir for the homecoming parade

Oliwia Patrycja Muszynska, Writer/ Reporter

Springville welcomed a new choir teacher to the middle school and high school this school year: Mr. Hornsby. Mr. Hornsby started his journey with music in 6th grade in middle school. He attended college in Kentucky then he again moved to his home town in Springville. He said it was his mother who encouraged him to start teaching and make a choir in Springville High School. In this time, he was looking a job, so he decided to go to the interview. After interview with Dr. Moore, he felt very good and moved about what he could do at the school. He already knew the choir in Springville High School was for him.

Now Mr. Hornsby can say he loves teaching  and working with his students. Despite this, he also has to handle paperwork and being organized. This is difficult considering he has students at the high school and the middle school.

Mr. Hornsby is always trying to be positive, and it works out great for him. He is excited for the coming year to have students excited about choir and show the community their talents.¬†Mr. Hornsby has also advice for Springville students, “Remember choir is for everyone! Even if you think is not for you, try, join. It’s an awesome experience to be involved in school choir.”