SHS Cheer Gears Up for Upcoming Competition


Mrs. Morrison

The Springville Cheerleaders

Candice McWhorter, Writer/Reporter

Springville High Schools’s cheer team is going to Jacksonville High School for their 2nd pre-regionals competition on Saturday October 2, 2022. They will be going against other school’s cheer teams. They will be preforming their band dance for their first event. For their second event, they will be doing their side line chant. Then for their 3rd, they will be doing a cheer and performing stunts and tumbling. For their last event, they will do stunts and tumbling to their fight song.

They have prepared for this competition by practicing every day before homecoming and then the week coming up to the competition they have practiced three days. The things they will get scored on is getting the crowd to cheer and chant back with them, motion and technique, stunts and tumbling, and much more!  Sara Bird, a senior cheerleader and cheer captain, said about their efforts, “I think we will do good, and we’ve had a lot of great practices!”  Emma Howard, a junior on the squad, said, “I think we are going to good and better than our last competition!” Mrs. Morrison, the SHS cheer coach, said, “They have been exhibiting much more energy on the mats and practice, so we are going into this really expecting to bring home first place this weekend!” Let’s hope that the Springville cheer leaders can bring home a win this Sunday!