SHS Prepared and Completed Testing


Adi Collier

Testing sign for pre-ACT and WorkKeys

Adi Collier, Writer/Sound

Springville High School has been preparing and practicing for standardized tests. The administration of the high school has stressed that students should be prepared for testing beforehand. On October 5, two grades were tested at the high school. Sophomores took the pre-ACT test and seniors took the WorkKeys test. Both tests were a few hours long and required many teachers to facilitate and the counselors to coordinate.

Students understood that the tests were necessary to measure their learning. In other words, tests help them strengthen neural pathways and consolidate memories associated with what they’re learning. In fact, a leading researcher in this field, Henry L. Roediger III of Washington University in St. Louis argues that tests of varying scale and intensity can deepen learning. According to him, “we now know that testing, including self-testing is an especially powerful form of study.” Why is that? Because retrieving facts, formulas or concepts is a mental act.

Students and teachers were ready for the tests and everyone did their best. Students look forward to getting their test results.