National Youth Confidence Day


Chandler applying for college with Mrs. New’s help

Kalym Chatter, Writer

National Youth Confidence Day is on October 20th, 2022. On this day, youth are celebrated for their energy, spirit, and potential for the future. This day is an acknowledgement of all they will accomplish down the road as they start their adult lives. Adults could use this day to encourage the young people in their lives and help them reach their potential. Learn to accept the mistakes that they will make as they prepare for their adult lives and share their wisdom. Mrs. New, the SHS Senior Counselor, took time today to help seniors apply for college. Chandler Chancellor applied for college with her help today and said “I’m glad Mrs. New had a day to help us apply for college!” Other adults should be like Mrs. New and take this day to celebrate youth’s success and help them learn from their mistakes.