English Field Trip


Gadsden Community College’s Theater

Scarlet Heard, Reporter

Students in SHS went on a field trip to the Gasden State Community College Theater and Gasden Mall. When they went to the theater, they watched the play “The Great Gatsby.” After the play, they went to the mall to let the students eat and visit stores before returning to school. This field trip took place on October 14th from 8:45 – 2:15. The field trip was made possible because Gadsden State Community College’s Theater Department contacted Mrs. Wesley. Mrs. Wesley led the English Department and opened the field trip to the entire school, but only 200 spots were open. Airi Stitten recently read The Great Gatsby and attended the trip said, “I enjoyed how realistic the play was to the book with period clothing and decor. The mall wasn’t the best, but it was still nice to be out of school.” The students enjoyed the trip and look forward to more in the future.